Essential Digital Tools for Student Engagement

Essential Digital Tools for Student Engagement

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Engaging and motivating students are always very challenging task faced even by seasoned educators. To make matter even more challenging is the fact that the average concentration span of adult learners are very short (around 9 seconds). Therefore it is incumbent upon the educators to find ways to gain the learners attention using creative strategies such as interactive learning activities in the classroom.

Getting started with with educational technology may seem intimidating for some people, but worry not—with my guidance you'll be up and running faster than you could have ever expected. Learn all the skills and confidence needed to design interesting and engaging learning activities for your face-to-face or even the online course. Pretty soon, you'll be able to create simple but impactful learning activities on the fly! Trust me.


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A word of caution...a fool with a tool is still...a fool! This course will not just teach you about the tools or applications. It is important to understand that any technology is as good as the person behind it. The purposeful deployment of the tool aligned with the learning outcomes will ensure effective and meaningful learning.

Knowledge & Skills

Identify Essential Digital Tools for Teaching

Using Appropriate Digital Tools

Create Interactive Learning Activities

Integrate Activities Into Blended Learning Design




  • Course Overview FREE PREVIEW
  • Course Objective FREE PREVIEW



  • Random Name Picker FREE PREVIEW
  • A Simple Timer to Set the Pace
  • TodaysMeet—A Simple Yet Useful Interaction Space
  • Padlet—A Digital Board



  • Mentimeter—Overview
  • Mentimeter — Present Brainstorming Result with Word Cloud
  • Mentimeter — Create Open Ended Question
  • Mentimeter — Create Question to Rank Items (Scale)
  • Mentimeter — Explore More Activities



  • Overview
  • Create a Poll or Quiz
  • Create an Icebreaker session
  • Present Brainstorming Result with Word Cloud
  • Create a Rank Order
  • Create a Clickable Image
  • Create Ability to Upvote
  • Create a Survey



  • More About Icebreaking
  • 10 Activities for Word Cloud



  • Closing Remark

About Your Instructor

Abd Karim Alias

Abd Karim Alias

Professor Abd Karim Alias

Dr. Abd Karim Alias is a Professor of Food Technology at the School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and current Director of the Centre for Development of Academic Excellence.

He was the recipient of the prestigious National Academic Award in 2008 for teaching from the Ministry of Higher Education (Malaysia) and has been recognised as the Top 50 Educators is Asia Pacific from Terrapin Asia in 2015.

Dr Karim is a strong advocate of leveraging the Internet as an alternative medium for learning and teaching. He has developed and maintained a few teaching portals, websites, and blogs related to teaching/learning and research.  As of September 18, 2017, his teaching videos on YouTube Channel have received 405,172 views from 200+ countries, with an estimated minute watched of 1,180,586 (2 years 89 days) and a total of 1000+ subscribers.


Great value for money and highly recommended to anyone who wants to captivate their students.
Aisyah Saad Lecturer, Universiti Sains Malaysia
There are so many tips and tricks that can be applied to engage the millennials and ensure meaningful learning takes place.
Umawathy Techanamurthy Lecturer, Kolej Komuniti Selayang
Prof Karim has selected a few awesome tools to engage students using technology. The "getting started" selection of tools are spot on.
Zaid Ali Alsagoff Freelance Trainer


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